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BETRAYAL. Maison Shirt
Blupr/nt – “Yummie” Strap Panties

Stealthic – Dawn

Earrings/ Piercing
FAKEICON / april earring

Eyes/ Lashes
LaGyo_Blindfold – CAUTION
Gloom. – Shine Collection

Makeup/ Accessory
BTTB pask halo – gold V2
= DAE = Life Key choker

Aii-Magical Orb Censer (nebula) + {egosumaii}
FAKEICON / tatum hat w veil / black
[Cinnamon Cocaine] Satanic Aura

-SU!- Almond Nails

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face

Published by Emiko

Art in 3D is Art in life.

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